Brief Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Sepp Maier

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His complete name is Josef Dieter “Sepp” Maier. He was born in 28 February 1944. He is among previous expert German players of soccer with position as goalkeeper.

Sepp Maier

He was born in Metten, Bavaria. He invested the total of his skilled playing career at Bayern Munich, succeeding the Bundesliga Champion four times and the European Cup three times successively. Sepp” Maier played in between 1966 and 1977 in an unremitting series of 422 matches, still a German nationwide record.

Sepp Maier was one of the greatest goalkeepers as long as a period which saw a lot of terrific goalkeepers rise to prominence, especially in Europe. He was chosen West German soccer player of the year three times.

Sepp Maier’s goalkeeping ability was matched simply by his eccentricity, seeing that Maier was considered as a little bit of a joker by many gamers and fans. This impression was augmented in one game which Bayern were controling without difficulty, Maier turned his factor to consider to hunting a duck which had got stricken in the Olympia Stadion, rather than focus on the video game.

Apart from his sense of humor, he was a really terrific keeper, who had the fate of winning almost each competitors he played in a minimum of as soon as, including a World Cup for West Germany in year 1974, a European Championship in 1972, the Intercontinental Cup in 1976, UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1967, European Cup in 1974, 1975, 1976, and Bundesliga in 1969, 1972, 1973, 1974.

His greatest achievement can be found in 1974 when he helped his nationwide part to triumph in the Football World Cup 1974, World Cup last in his home city of Munich. In total he took part in his nation 95 times.

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